Who we are: a Translation Agency

A translation agency. That’s what we we are in a nutshell. Born out of a desire to help organisations and people communicate their message clearly, Directrad was founded in Canada and rapidly added team members from across the globe. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field and numerous certifications and recongnitions, Directrad’s translators are industry leaders. Our teammembers are distinguished by the fact that we are creative problem solvers who are never content with “just good enough”. 

We constantly seek to better ourselves, by keeping up with the latest tools, processes and methods in translation and as well in our respective fields of expertise. 

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Directrad - Thinks differently

What we do: Translate.

Translation is more than just a technical subject. In many ways, it is an artform. Finding the right words to convey your message is akin to an artist laboring over finding just the right brush and paint colour.

Your message needs the same treatment. You took the time communicate it in the original language. Should you expect any less in a translation?

Directrad is committed to excellence and communicating your message the way you intended. Our teammembers are masters in the art of presenting information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. 


Done right the first time and on time. Directrad is committed to bettering ourselves so that it improves our work in turn.


Clear and precise communication for everyone. Directrad hopes to work with organisations and people as they seek to communicate their message.


Giving back is a central reason for Directrad's existence. When choosing to do business with Directrad, you are supporting multiple non-profit organisations.